Which size of strap is the most suitable for my panerai?
Size of Panerai                             Size of Strap
40mm                                              22/XXmm    
44mm                                              24/XXmm
45 / 47mm                                      26/XXmm

A:  Size of Strap:   The first number (egg. 24 for 24/22) is the width of the strap at the watch end.
The second number (e.g. 22 for 24/22) is the width of the strap at the buckle end.

A 24/22mm strap slightly tapers from 24mm into 22mm, which would fit the
Panerai OEM buckles as well as the 22mm SC buckles.

For straps with 24mm and 26mm at the buckle end would fit into 24mm
and 26mm SC buckles respectively.
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