Which size of strap is the most suitable for my panerai?
What does the numbers of length represents?
A:  The OEM Panerai Straps are 115/75 in length, where the side with the holes is 115mm long, and the buckle side 75mm.

Our straps  has a choice of 115/75mm and 120/80mm fordifferent styles.  While 115/75mmwould fit most people,

120/80mm are made longer because the style of the straps are slightly thicker.
What if I have a deployant buckle instead of a tang buckle?
When will my order be shipped?
What should I do if I do not hear from Strap Culture to follow up my order?
How can I place an order if I do not have Paypal account?
How can I get a volume discount for my order?
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