The strap applies with the  Hand Stitched heavy style. It's truly matches with a distinctive classical taste.
Shipping Method:

Only EMS Express service is offered

as the shipping method for these

limited edition straps.  

A flat shipping fee of US$13 will be

charged for the first three straps

purchased and as additional of $5

for each strap thereafter.
The crocodile straps come in very limited production,

it is not a product that is mass produced.

The crocodile series can only be produced 10 straps

at a time.

You will never find the same exact pattern from each

of the straps.

There is a different serial number for each strap

produced & each strap is limited & unique by itself.

What you see for each strap is exactly

what you get.
SC Anchor Authentic Crocodile strap
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